Patient Records

Patient Records


Aadya Global Healthcare Private Limited

Security, Archival & Retention Policy of Patient Documents & Records

1.      The records/ details of patients/ Family/ Friends collected by Aadya Global Healthcare Private Limited as Medical Value Travel Facilitator (MVTF) can be categorized as under:

(i)                 Travel/ Visa/ Stay/ Accommodation/ Insurance  related documents—Passport, National/ Government issued ID documents, Tax Returns, Property/ Assets details, Family/ Friends details/ documents and any other related data/ details/ documents.

(ii)               Initial Medical Reports/ Documents—The documents required for medical opinions and to facilitate admission to Medical Hospital/ Institute/ Healthcare Provider etc for medical treatment, surgery and healthcare services.

(iii)             Discharge Documents and Post Discharge treatment plan/ prescriptions with follow-up advice.

(iv)              Any other documents related to the above categories or any other category which may be required in connection with patient/ family/ friends travel, stay and medical treatment of the patient including any documents prescribed by any Government authority.


2.      All the above documents will be retained in digital form for a period of 5 years or any other period that may be prescribed by any Government authority in this regard.

3.      Before the expiry of prescribed period for retention of documents, the concerned patient/ family/ friends will be informed of deletion plan at least 3 months in advance and they shall be provided a copy of the documents, if so requested, before the expiry of the prescribed period. On completion of prescribed period , the records will be deleted.

4.      The documents/ treatment plans relating to admission, medical treatment and healthcare  in the hospital and till discharge which are part of the treating hospital/ medical institute/ healthcare provider records will be maintained and dealt with by the respective hospital/ medical institute/ healthcare provider.

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