Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism


Aadya Global Healthcare Private Limited (AGHC) is committed to provide its customers with a healthy lifestyle by providing quality healthcare services and products.


To be identified as the most trusted healthcare Management Company in the world.

Provide one core reason why do you want to do medical tourism?

Medical tourism is the process of in- bound and out-bound travel from/ to another country or place of the same country to receive medical treatment and healthcare services. The term is commonly referred to as the traveling of patients of a country where the required treatment is either unavailable or the treatment is very costly compared to the tourism destination. There are many reasons for this, but some of the most compelling factors include cost savings, shorter waiting times, and quality care.

From the above perspective, India is the most sought after country for medical tourism, as it has high quality medical infrastructure, highly qualified and competent physicians and surgeons available on 24x7 basis. India is a favorite destination for people from Asia, Africa, Arab and Australia continents, seeking high quality medical treatment. In addition, people from USA, Canada and European countries also travel to India for their medical treatment. In addition, there are high net worth individuals/ families in India who prefer to travel to USA, Canada and Europe for their medical treatment as in their view they would get better medical care in those countries.

We leverage our network of reputed hospitals/ healthcare providers and highly acclaimed medical professionals to deliver value to our patients, thereby assisting them with the selection of the most appropriate treatment plan.

Why do you consider yourself as a good facilitator?

An individual/ family seeking medical treatment is not in the right frame of mind to do research and find the most appropriate medical services/ treatment and the destination for the treatment. Plus most of them are not conversant with legal/ insurance/ financial issues related to such medical tourism. We, Aadya Global Healthcare Private Limited endeavor to make the entire medical treatment journey, a smooth and transparent process. So while the family of patient focuses on getting medical treatment,  we take care getting estimates from multiple hospitals, obtaining hospital invite letter and medical visa, booking air tickets, ground transport in the destination country, accommodation and even tourism for your family/ companion, personalized care and  interaction with the patient/ family/ companion.  We endeavor to facilitate:

·         Affordable and reasonable cost of treatment

·         24*7 support

·         Airport Pick-Up and Drop

·         Currency Exchange/Payment Options

·         Travel Facilitator

·         Visa Facilitator

·         Interpretation Services

·         Free Consultation/Discussion with in house doctors at AGHC

·         Well equipped with all the latest types of equipment

Aadya Global Healthcare is a health assistance and medical tourism company based in Delhi/ North India, established to provide the healthcare services to domestic and international individuals, their family as well as their friends who need health assistance at any healthcare institutions across India.


Aadya Global Healthcare is a one stop service provider for facilitating world-class medical care services with best hospitals in India. With various healthcare partners and experienced doctors in different cities across India on Company’s panel, we are confident to suggest the right and optimum treatment plan for the medical tourist.


Medical Guidelines:

AGHC will be the preferred, trusted medical value travel facilitator by offering highest quality treatment plans, end to end care, transparency and credibility in our operations. To get the best healthcare in India, follow these simple steps:

·         Fill the form: The very first step is to fill the form. Give us your personal details and contact number. Also, list your query and then submit.

·         Get a call back from us: As soon as we receive your request, we will contact you and will provide an answer to all your queries. A call from us will be made within a day of the form submission. Don’t worry, we are there to take care of your queries!

·         Send us your Reports: To plan the best medical treatment, you need to provide us with your reports and then we shall guide you through the next process.

·         Get an opinion from the best doctors: After getting your reports, we will forward it to the respective doctor. In a day or two, we will revert with the doctor’s opinion to you. Sit back and decide on the next plan of action. AGHC is there to take care of your treatment.

·         Get a proper treatment plan, based on the opinion: Lastly, we will help you plan your trip according to the doctor’s opinion. All you have to do is to focus on your medical treatment, rest will be handled by us.

Medical Value Travel Services


·         Medical Evaluation and Consultation

·         Comprehensive Treatment Plans

·         Hospital Facility Overview

·         Visa Support

·         Travel and Accommodation Support

·         Airport Pickup


·         Personal Case Management

·         Local Travel Support

·         Communication Support

·         Health and Wellness Packages

·         Health Screening Packages

·         Tourism Options



·         Medical Discharge Report

·         Medication Arrangement

·         Recovery Plan

·         Appointment Scheduling

·         Airport Drop-off

·         Periodic Follow-ups


Aadya Global Healthcare Policy for Recommending Hospitals

Facilities to treat that Specific Disease: Advice on hospital recommendations will be based on the specific problem/disease presentation of the client and the appropriate fit with respect to the facilities/expertise of the hospital or clinic with respect to the disease in particular.

Doctor: The doctor/surgeon/specialist is recommended based on following criteria:

1.       Experience

2.       Qualification

Cost: In cases where financial constraints of the clients need to be considered, recommendations are made offering the best specialist services at the best possible cost, as per the client’s budgetary requirements.

Rationale behind Plan of Management : When recommendations are made to us by any specialist /doctor/surgeon/management regarding treatment plan for a client, it is discussed with the doctor to understand its rationale and reviewed to make sure of the best plan for the client and formulated with transparency with respect to cost, treatment and quality.

Client’s Preference: If a client has any preferences of hospital, doctor, location, culture, the client’s preference will be given priority provided other criteria are satisfied.

Five Point to Approach Aadya Global Healthcare Private Limited



We examine the medical reports submitted by our patients through the experts of the Doctors Panel



We direct our patients with the best hospitals and doctors based on their report analysis


Travel & Accommodations

We assist our patient’s in visa procedures and travel scheduling. We also provide them with complimentary airport pickup and accommodation for their refreshment after arrival in India.


Service Apartments

We provide home like service apartments with inbuilt kitchen for accommodation during their treatments


Post Treatments Follow-ups

We do regular follow ups about our patient’s health condition and also offer them telemedicine facilities from their concerned Hospitals / Doctors




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