Complaints & Feedback

Complaints & Feedback

Policy for Resolution of Complaints/ Feedback/ CRM


1.      The complaints can be categorized into the following categories:

(i)                 Travel Services

(ii)               Accommodation/ Boarding and Lodging  Services

(iii)             Pre-admission Tests and Examination

(iv)              Admission and during hospitalization and treatment

(v)                Post- Surgery  care

(vi)              Discharge from Hospital

(vii)            Post-discharge treatment and healthcare both in India and home country

(viii)          Billing disputes

(ix)              Any other complaint regarding employee of Company/ Hospital staff

2.      Each patient will be assigned a Relationship Manager (RM). RM can be approached anytime to register a complaint at the first level.

3.      RM will endeavor to resolve the complaint by coordinating with concerned team.

4.      If the complaint cannot be resolved due to either being unreasonable or false or out of agreed terms, RM will provide due explanation to the patient for non-redressal of the complaint.

5.      If the patient is not satisfied with the redressal of the complaint or the explanation provided by the RM, the patient can approach the Manager Operations who will look into the matter and take it to the satisfaction of the complainant.

6.       The patient will be asked to submit a feedback form (as per annexure) which will be entered into database to analyse the feedback and for improving the services.

7.      The above feedback form will also be used to resolve the complaints and find reasons for feedback below Very Good level.

8.      The concerned RM will continue to be in touch with the patient both in India and home country for follow up treatment and services on periodic basis, as per patient’s requirements.


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