Audit and Management

Audit and Management

Plan for Internal Audit and Management Review

1.      An Internal Audit Committee will be formed which will have one Sr Manager assisted by an Executive  of the Organization and one external member from statutory auditors to carry out internal audit the procedures relating to MVTF.

2.      The Internal Audit will be done on quarterly basis and a report will be submitted to the Management for its review and follow up action.

3.      The Management in this case will comprise of one Director, Business Head and one Sr member of the Operations Team.

4.      A feedback form has been designed to be mandatorily filled up by all patients after discharge from hospital and before returning to home country.

5.      The data/ information collected from feedback form would help the management in review of the quality of existing services and take decisions for improvement of service quality.

6.      Management will continue to explore to expand the collaboration with reputed multi-specialty hospital and   medical Institutes for expanding its footsteps into large number of countries for medical tourism of patients into India.

7.      The Management review will be done on monthly basis in the beginning to focus on quality of service and expanding of operations.

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